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A Mother's Song Lyrics

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It is my choice to be your mother
To bear you was my pain alone
It is my choice to be your mother
To care for you until you’re grown
It is my choice that you’re my daughter
It is my choice that you’re my boy.
It is the choice I freely sought, you’re
my light, my love, my joy.
You are my children.

It is my choice to be your mother,
no sacrifice would be too great.
My life, my health, or any other
possession I would abdicate
to keep you from portentous strangers
to shield you from impending harms
defending you from hidden dangers
here safe within my arms.
You are my children

I guide.
I teach.
I chide,
I preach.
You stride.
You reach
to be what I have always known you are.

And come the time that you must leave me
to face the world all on your own,
I shall not let the parting grieve me
for knowing as I've always known,
that though you wander nie or yonder
in quest of your own destiny,
in quiet times you'll softly ponder
the gift you give from me
to your own children.

It is our trust to be the mothers.
To be the fathers is our gift.
It is our charge to be the parents;
to guide, to guard, to love to lift.
to share the joys, to bear the sorrows
to love all children as our own
they are the choice of our tomorrows,
our faith in the unknown.
They are our children.
They are our children.
All of them are our children.

A Mother's Song Lyrics