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Kim Richey Capo Charts

Kim Richey
Tunings and capo positions
by Adam Schneider

This information was mostly complied from two of Kim's concerts in Minneapolis.
The tables contain the following:

 The key that the song was recorded in.
 Kim Richey's capo position, and the key in which she plays the song.
 Angelo's capo and key.
 Kenny Vaughan's capo and key.
 Notes about tuning.
 For some songs, a few chords to get you started.  (I wrote down Kim's
     chords if it's a song where she plays guitar, and Angelo's chords
     otherwise.)  The vertical lines (|) separate measures.

If you know something I don't,
let me know.

   Kim Richey

key KimRichey Angelo
KennyVaughan tuninginfo

Those Words We Said
   F1 - E1 - E1 - E 

   verse: |Em |Em |G |D   
   chorus: |C |C |G |D   
   bridge: |C |G |D |Em D |C 

Here I Go Again

   verse: |D(9) |Bm7(4) |Gmaj7 |A   
   chorus:  |Em D/F# |G 

You'll Never Know
   Dn/a5 - A0 - D 

   verse: |D |D |Bm |Bm  |D |D |Bm |A  |G |F#m |Em7 |D  |G |F#m |Em7 |A   
   chorus: D |D |Bm7 |Bm7 |G |G |A |A 

That's Exactly What I Mean
   D5 - A0 - D0 - D 

   verse: |A | G G/F# G   
   chorus: |Em |C |G |D 

Let the Sun Fall Down

Just Like the Moon
   Eb1 - D8 - G1 - D 

   verse: |C |F |G |G...  |Am |F |C |G...  |F C |F C |F C |Dm   
   chorus: |F |C |G |G  |Am |F |C |G 

From Where I Stand
   Bbn/a3 - G1 - A 

   verse: |G |D |Em |D  |C |C |D |D   
   chorus:  |G |C |G |D...  |G |C |D |G 

Sweet Mysteries

Just My Luck
   B4 - G4 - G4 - G 

   verse: |G D |C(9) D...  |Em D/F# |G |G   
   chorus: |C G |D  |C D |G  |C D |G Em  |C D |G   
   bridge: |Cmaj7 | |Em | |A |A |C |D 

Can't Find the Words
   F#2 - E2 - E4 - DKenny: DADGBE

   verse: |E7sus4 |E7sus4 |E7 |E7   
   chorus: |A |B |E |A  |A |B |E |E 

That's a Lie
   Bb3 - G3 - G3 - G 

   verse: |Em D/F# |G |G  |Em D/F# |G D D  |Em D/F# |G |G  |C |D |C |D |C |D   
   chorus: |G C |D |G C |G D...  |Em |C D |Em |D 

Echoes of Love
   F#4 - D4 - D4 - DKim & Kenny: DADGBE

   verse: |D |D |D |C(9) G/B...  |G6 |G6 |G6 |G6 |D |D |C(9) |G/B |D |D  
   chorus: |Em7 |D6(9)/F# |G6 |G6  |Em7 |D6(9)/F# |G6 |G6 |As9 |As9 


   Bitter Sweet

key KimRichey Angelo
KennyVaughan tuninginfo

Every River
   Bb 3 - G  3 - G  3 - G   
I'm Alright
   D  n/a    7 - G  0 - D   
Wildest Dreams
   Bb n/a    3 - G  3 - G   
Straight as the Crow Flies
   F# 4 - D  4 - D  4 - D  Kim: DADGBE
I Know
   Ab 1 - G  1 - G  1 - G   
   D  0 - D  0 - D  5 - A  Kim: DADGBE
To Tell the Truth
   Bb n/a    6 - E  1 - A   
My Whole World
   E  n/a    2 - D  0 - E   
The Lonesome Side of Town
   Bb n/a    3 - G  3 - G   
Don't Let Me Down Easy
   C# n/a    6? - G??       
Let It Roll
   C  5 - G  5 - G  0 - C   
Why Can't I Say Goodnight
   C# n/a    6 - G  1 - C   


key KimRichey Angelo
KennyVaughan tuninginfo

(Believe Me) Baby, I Lied
   C# n/a    6 - G  1 - C   
The Main Distraction
   ?  n/a    4 - ?  2 - ?   
Wish You Were Here
   B  4 - G  n/a    n/a     

Adam Schneider,
[email protected]
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