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Cure For Pain Guitar Tablature
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From: Craig Carlson 
Subject: CRD: Morphine - "Cure for Pain"
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 12:42:56 -0700

Cure for Pain

Not a ’60s tune, but I like it anyway! In fact, the whole disk is excellent. 
The noir-ish “Thursday” is a hoot; the Coen Brothers should make it into a 


[D  Bm  A] 4x

Verse I:

D      Bm  A           D      [Bm  A]
Where ______ is the ritual,
              D    Bm  A                 D    [Bm  A]
And tell me where _______ where is the taste?
D     Bm  A            D      [Bm  A]
Where ______ is the sacrifice,
       D     Bm  A            D         [Bm  A]
And where _________ where is the faith?

C    Bm   [N.C]                   D     [Bm  A]
Someday   There’ll be a Cure for Pain,

[D  Bm  A]

C           Bm   [N.C.]           D     [Bm  A]
That’s the day,  I throw my drugs away  (Sax enters)

Sax solo over:

[D  Bm  A] 2X
[C  Bm]

Verse II:

D     Bm  A          D                         [Bm  A]
Where _____ is the cave where the wise women went,
              D     Bm               A             D   [Bm  A]
And tell me where, where’s all that money that I spent?
D             Bm  A       
I propose a toast,
D             Bm  A
To my self-control,
D                      Bm     A       D   [Bm  A]
You see it crawling helpless on the floor,



[Sax solo and lyrics “Find a cure, find a cure for pain” over verse chords 
(4x) or until the pain is gone. End on [D] chord.]

Note: This was a strange one to write out, not because there is no guitar in 
the song itself, but because of Mark Sandman’s ingenious use of pauses, 
spaces and held notes. If anyone has any suggestions to clean it up...?

Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson

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