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What Am I Doing Here Guitar Tablature
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What Am I Doing Here
as performed by Michael Martin Murphy on Cowboy Songs I album
notated by Greg Vaughn ([email protected])

   E              E/G#         A           E
1: Starin' at the south end of north bound cattle
                  C#m        B
   Slavin' in the saddle all day
          E         E/G#         A            F#
   You've got to be some kind of natural born fool
      E/B               B    A    E   B
   To want to live your life this way

2: Well it can't be the cooking, it sure ain't the money
   The devil made the horse that I ride
   The days are too long and the nights are too short
   And the boss ain't never satisfied

   E         E/G#  A    E               C#m   F#m  B
So what am I doing here Lord, what am I doing here
        E         E/G#      A         F#
There's got to be something better up there
   E/B       A     E
So what am I doing here

C#m                       G#m
Sometimes I wonder in the lightning and the thunder
     A             B     E      G#7
If a cowboy's even got a prayer
    C#m                          G#m
And why'd you have to make it so hard down here
     F#7                          B
When things are so much better up there

3: Now the Lord called his angels all around the throne
   Said boys I must be wastin' my time
   'Cause I thought I gave the cowboy a pretty good life
   Now he's complaining 'till the day he dies

repeat chorus twice
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