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Bring On the Night Guitar Tablature
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(Capo 3rd Fret)

   D                                             G
  It's twilight and the street lights are coming on
            D                                      A
  I'm in a string of cars on this boulevard headed home
         D                    D7                       
  I can hardly wait for you to make what whent wrong today
  seem right
              D             A                D
  It's been a long hard day so bring on the night

   D                                    G
  Bring on the night and pull down the shades
                 D                         A
  lock the world outside and throw the key away
              D                         A
  Turn on the feelings and turn out the lights
                 G    A               D
  lets call it a day and bring on the night

  2nd verse:
    D                                                 G
  From nine to five it's the same old grind all week long
           D                                      A
  And the only thing that keeps me sane is coming home
                D            D7                
  And when the sun goes down you know how to set things
   D                         A                 D
  Let's put the day behind us and bring on the night.

   Repeat chorus:
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